» » » Superior Dekalb Officers Speak #1 DeKalb County Sheriff .

Superior Dekalb Officers Speak #1 DeKalb County Sheriff .

Thursday, May 24th, 2018 - Office
Photo 1 of 4Superior Dekalb Officers Speak  #1 DeKalb County Sheriff .

Superior Dekalb Officers Speak #1 DeKalb County Sheriff .

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Superior Dekalb Officers Speak  #1 DeKalb County Sheriff .DeKalb Police Cmdr. Steve Lekkas (right) And Deputy Chief John Petragallo  Speak During (charming Dekalb Officers Speak  #2)I Think We Can Now Guess At Some Of The Reasons Lee May Might Have Been  Holding Off From Resigning The District 5 Commission Seat. Exhibit A: The  Spectacle . ( Dekalb Officers Speak  #3)+ Officer C.J. Maddox Jr. (left) Speaks With DeKalb County Sheriff Jeff  Mann ( ( Dekalb Officers Speak #4)


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